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Our journey commenced in 2017, amidst the vibrant hub of technological innovation known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. A group of visionary thinkers, including architects, engineers, and designers, joined forces with a shared passion for revolutionizing the world of lighting by introducing breathtaking concepts.

At LDI's, our primary objective is to harness the power of lighting as a form of artistry, showcasing the inherent splendor of architectural marvels. We firmly believe that lighting possesses the remarkable ability to completely transform the ambiance and mood of any space, be it a room or a grand architectural structure. By ingeniously manipulating light, we can create captivating facades that capture attention and establish the desired emotional resonance for brands and spaces alike. Our unwavering conviction lies in the notion that providing clients with realistic renderings of their architectural projects enables them to envision the final outcome with utmost clarity and confidence.

Over the course of a mere four years, the dedicated team at LDI has emerged as trailblazers in the realm of Lighting Solutions, pioneering the delivery of cutting-edge illumination schemes to prestigious projects spanning the globe. Our clients now entrust us to elevate their projects and augment their architectural value through the implementation of optimal and expansive lighting solutions.

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